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Dialogue Between Two Friends on A Study Tour

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Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend about a study tour.


Myself: Hi friend, how are you?

Friend: I am fine and you?

Myself: I am also fine.

Friend: How have you enjoyed your study tour?

Myself: Excellent! It was really awesome.

Friend: What do you mean?

Myself: I mean I enjoyed the tour with wonderful excitement.

Friend: O I see. Which places did you visit actually?

Myself: It was Moynamoti, Camilla, Cox’s Bazar, and Saint Martin.

Friend: How many days did you need to complete the study tour?

Myself: It took 4 days.

Friend: How is Moynamoti?

Myself: It is a place of historical interest.

Friend: What place was most interesting to you?

Myself: Cox’sBazar. It was very interesting to me.

Friend: What place of Cox’s Bazar did you attract you most?

Myself: The 127 km sea beach at a stretch attracted me the most.

Friend: Did you visit Himchori?

Myself: Yes. It was also very interesting.

Friend: But Saint Martine?

Myself: It was my first journey to Saint Martine.

Friend: What was attractive to you at Saint Martin?

Myself: The coral island and cheap were attractive at Saint Martin to me.

Friend: Who accompanied you?

Myself: All my teachers and students of our school.

Friend: What is your feeling about the study tour?

Myself: I found it so interesting that I will never forget it in my life. Thank you.

Friend: Thank you also.

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