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Composition on The Mango

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Introduction: there are different kinds of fruits in Bangladesh. Of all the fruits, I like the mango most. Mangoes are delicious fruit. Most of them have favor which is unmistakable and lingers in our memory after it is eaten.

Description: all the mangoes have a skin underneath which there is a fairly large stone. The stone is seed. The stone is covered with juicy pulp all mangoes, however, are not of the same shape size and taste. The mango tree blossoms in the month of falcon and turn to small mangoes. They ripen in summer. Mangoes look blackish green when are young. They become either yellow or reddish when thy ripe.

Availability: they mango is a fruit of summer. Mangoes grow in a warm climate. That is why mangoes are found in the countries of South East Asia. Bangladeshi mangoes are not the best in the world but some of them are very remarkable in taste and flavor. Mangoes are found almost all over Bangladesh, but those in the Rajshahi area are the most tasteful. There both the weather and soil are suitable for the mango trees and they are moreover, cultivated in the planned manner to gives a good yield.

Its varieties: different kinds of mangoes grow in Bangladesh. Mangoes have several varieties. Fazli, Langra, Mohanbhog, Seetbhog, and Gopalbhog are mention worthy. The Fazli is large in size and it is found Rajshahi and Bogra districts, the Langra is sweet to taste.

Use: mangoes are eaten when they are green. Children are particularly fond of green mangoes. Pickles, jams, and jellies are made of green mangoes. But when they ripe they become the best mangoes. They can be eaten in slices or with milk. Juice can be gathered from them for the whole year.

Its position among other fruits: mangoes occupy the most important place among the fruits of Bangladesh. It is nutritious and palatable. It is equally liked by the children and the grown-up people because it is very tasty fruit.

Conclusion: as mangoes are delicious fruits, they are good for health. We should cultivate different kinds of mangoes in the orchards of Bangladesh.

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