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Paragraph on A Journey by Plane I Have Made

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  • What was your destination?
  • Which airport did you go?
  • By which plane did you fly?
  • When did the plane take off?
  • How did you feel?
  • How much time did it take to reach Dhaka?

Answer: I went to Jessore from Dhaka by Bangladesh Biman. I bought a ticket from the Bangladesh Biman Office. I arrived at the airport about two hours before the flight and got checked and waited in the lounge. I was given a boarding card on which the number of my seat was written. After some time the departure of the flight was announced and we were asked to board the plane. I got on board and found my seat. The plane took off at 10 am. When the plane took off, I fastened my seat belt. I was given light refreshment and newspapers. I looked through the windows. I saw clouds floating in the sky. Houses and trees below looked like tiny toys. Within a very short time, we reached Jessore Airport. Though the journey took 30 minutes, it gave me much pleasure. Even today I bear the flight in my memory.