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Paragraph on A Journey By Bus

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Journey by Bus’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What was the occasion?
  2. What was your destination?
  3. When did you start your journey?
  4. What scenery did you enjoy?
  5. What was your feeling?
  6. When did your bus reach the destination?

Answer: A journey by bus is really interesting and thrilling. Last summer, I had the chance to make a journey by bus. My two bosom friends were with me. I enjoyed it a lot. One of my friends invited us to his Barishal home. We three friends agreed to go. On a fixed day, we reached the station. We bought three tickets for Barishal. We sat in a row. The bus left for Barishal just at 11 a.m. The bus was moving on very swiftly. Some passengers began to gossip. Some began to read newspapers. Some were snoring. It seemed that everything was running behind. We saw fields of paddy, long lines of trees and houses on both sides. People were doing various jobs. Cowboys were grazing their cattle. All the sights charmed me a lot. After about 3 hours, the bus stopped for lunch for 10 minutes. We sat in a restaurant. There we had our refreshments. The lunchtime was out. We all got on the bus. Now it was moving so speedily. Suddenly, I felt drowsy. A light jolt from my friends awakened me. I found that we reached the destination. We got down. We enjoyed the journey heartily. The journey was so pleasant that I will never forget it.

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