Letter to Your Friend Describing the Experience of Taking Food in A Restaurant

Question: Write a letter to your friend describing the experience of taking food in a restaurant.

1 January 2002
Dhaka, My dear Tushar Khan,

Receive my best wishes. I hope you are well. You will be happy to know that I had an experience of taking food in a restaurant. However, I had a chance of participating with some of my friends in an expensive restaurant in Dhaka and it was a Chinese restaurant. At first, my friends ordered the dishes we liked. I took soup, fried shrimps, burger and other items of food and enjoyed everything as I liked. I also took a drink. So, it was one type of experience in my life. It was really delightful. I would remember that experience forever. No more today. Write to me soon. Render my Salam to all. Thanks a lot.

Sincerely yours,
Robeul Alam

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