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Paragraph on Visiting Tha Kha Floating Market

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Question: Write a paragraph by answering the following question on ‘Visiting Tha Kha Floating Market’.

  • Who planned to visit the floating market?
  • Who were the sellers mainly?
  • Which were their boats laden?
  • Who welcomed them and how?
  • What is ‘Pad Thai’?
  • How was the food served?
  • What is Kanom Krok’?

Visiting Tha Kha Floating Market

Answer:  One Sunday, Mita, Zara, Jhumona Islam, and Mazharul Islam planned to visit Tha Kha floating market and reached the place sharp at seven. The canals were surrounded by coconut palm trees. They hired a boat. The boatman started to row slowly taking them to the Centre of the market. There were bundles of lotus flowers, farm-fresh coconuts, fruits, vegetables, local food, and delicious sweets. The sellers and buyers rowed their boats slowly. the sellers displayed their goods for sale and the buyers chose their pick. They could have a little chit-chat as buying and selling were going on. They passed an hour and a half at the market and enjoyed the business. Then all of them were hungry. They rowed near the boat of an elderly woman, who was selling food. She welcomes them with a smile and showed them the food. They brought the traditional and very popular food called ‘Pad Thai’ a kind of noodles with shrimps, tomato, and some vegetables, with freshly roasted crushed peanut. The food was served in a bowl made from banana leaf. After Pad Thai, they ate ‘Kanom Kror’. It is a coconut pancake, which is very sweet. They all enjoyed the visit very much.

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