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Paragraph on A Visit to A Trade Fair

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  • When does trade fair help?
  • Where did you visit?
  • Why did you become amazed?
  • What did you see at the trade fair?
  • What were the products at the fair?
  • How did you enjoy?

Answer: A trade fair is usually held once a year in a big town or city. I had the chance to visit one such fair in Dhaka. As I entered the fair, I was amazed! There was the clear presence of grandeur and beauty everywhere. The entire fair was flooded with bright, dazzling and colorful lights. As I walked a few steps, I noticed rows of stalls all around and pavilions in the center, first I visited the pavilions, which were all tastefully decorated. The exhibits were related to heavy engineering, automobiles, garments, food processing, electronics, etc. I showed a keen interest in each of them I was delighted to see the products of the local companies. I visualized Bangladesh as an emerging nation with promises of prosperity and progress. Then. I visited the stalls, selling cosmetics, bangles, cutlery, and crockery, etc. As I was walking past the food-courts, the smell of sizzling kebab’ tickled my nostrils. I enjoyed some mouth-watering dishes. At last, it was time for me to come out of the fair, leaving behind the world of dream, colors, lights, and fantasies.

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