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Essay on Many of Us ‘Live to Eat” Rather Than “Eat to Live’. Do You Agree?

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There is some truth in the above statement; for there are many who certainly put great importance to the food they eat until they have a problem with it.

Many people complain that they are overweight, that they have a spare tyre and how they wish that they can be slim. For most of these people who complain thus. I can see that they are the cause of their condition, and that is, they simply eat too much. Except for rare medical oases where hormonal disturbance may cause obesity. I can safely say that just about all obese people love to eat.

I have a friend who weighs 260 lb and he stands at merely 5 feet 2 inches. He looks like a ball actually. He is so fat that he cannot put his hands down his sides as normal people do. His hands sort of dangle from his shoulders. He attributes his obesity to “something wrong with my glands’. He does not admit that it is his addiction to eating that is causing the problem, His idea of lunch is two plates of chicken rice, two plates of fried koay teow washed down with two glasses of lime juice. All these he consumes in the time can just manage to finish a plate of chicken rice. He literally stuffs the food into his mouth and swallows the whole lot with hardly any chewing. His “something is wrong with my glands’ declaration is just an excuse.

Judging by the number of people who strut around with their bellies leading the way, it will not be too far-fetched to say that they “live to eat’. If they merely eat to live, they will not allow themselves to bloat up as they have. It is the inevitable complaint of overweight people that they have difficulty doing physical exercises and they are prone to illness. Why then, if they can see that being overweight is not something good, do they not desist from eating excessively? The answer is that they live to eat. They simply love the taste of food. In short, they are addicted to food.

This addiction is further encouraged by the many restaurants and eating shops that seem to mushroom everywhere. Young and old, rich and poor they all patronise these places. There are always pot-bellied experts ever willing to comment on the best dining places in town. They can describe in great detail and with great enthusiasm all the best meals they had ever had. If these people do not live to eat, who else does?

To be fair, not everyone lives to eat. There are many sensible people who eat just to keep their bodies in good working order. Overeating is out of the question for them. They know the dangers of obesity. They treasure their health more and thus live their lives minus the problems and anxieties of the obese. There are enough problems already in this world. There is no need to add the problems of obesity to it.

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