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Essay on If You Had to Leave Your Country to Live Elsewhere, What Things Do You Think That You Would Miss Most?

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If I had to leave my country to live elsewhere the first thing I would miss would be the food. Malaysia has such a large variety of food found nowhere else in the world. They are easily available and do not cost a fortune.

I would miss the laksa, wantan mee, mee goreng, roti canal, capati, nasi lernak, nasi beriani, and chicken rice, plus many others that would take too much space to mention. Eating in Malaysia is glorious. There are so many mouth-watering dishes available. I suppose no place else in the world can compare with what we have here.

Some of my friends who have gone overseas always say that they miss our food. They never fail to say how they wish they were back home eating some dumplings or poplar’;. My sister who studies overseas becomes a Glutton when she returns for holidays. She says ‘how wonderful it is to be eating our food again. I am sure I will feel how they feel if I were to be overseas.

I would also miss our local fruits. Again where else in the world can we find such sweet succulent rambutan, nangka, durian, and mangosteen? The very thought of these fruits makes me not want to live elsewhere. Why should I go when it is a virtual paradise here?

Our local festivals would be things that I would miss if I had to live elsewhere. Our country is unique in our multi-racial composition. We visit one another on our respective festivals, especially the important ones like Han Raga Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas. It can be said all Malaysians celebrate these events. They give us the chance to know one another better and thus contribute to our country’s unity.

Finally, I would miss the friends that I leave behind.

After living all my life here, I have a large circle of friends who share the same interests as me. We work and play together. So there is a special kind of bond between us. To part is never a pleasant thing, especially when we know one another so well.

There may be other things that I would miss if I were to leave my country, but they would be not as bad as the ones I mentioned. This is a wonderful country. Considering the conditions of other countries, I would say that ours is the best country in the world to live in. This is not said out of patriotic fervor or anything. It is a fact any sane person can see. I cannot see any reason for leaving unless I am forced to. If I had to, the thing I would miss most of all would be my beloved country, Malaysia.

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