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Composition on The Life Of A Great Man: Hazrat Muhammad (SM)

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Introduction: God has created many human beings with the greatest human qualities in the world in order to guide the sinful people. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm).  Is undoubtedly one of the human beings who topped the list. He was the last prophet of Islam.

His birth and early life: He was born on the 29 August 570 A.D into Quraish family of Mecca. His father’s name was Abdullah and mother’s name was Amena. His father died before his birth. His mother also died in his infancy. He was nursed by Halim. He was brought up by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib and then by his uncle Abut Talib.

His marriage: at the age of 25 he married a widow of forty years named Khadija. His married life was very happy.

Meditation in the cave of Mt. Hira: after his marriage, he spent most of his time in deep meditation in the cave of Mount Hira. Here at the age of forty, he got the first revelation from Allah.
Preaching of Islam: the holy Quran was revealed to him. He boldly declared the oneness of Allah. He began to preach, “There is no God except Allah.” His wife was the first to embrace Islam.

His sufferings: The Meccans were very angry with him. Because they worshipped their gods and goddesses and did various deeds of vices. They did not believe in his preaching. So, they wanted to kill him. Besides he suffered a great deal in their hands for his faith.

Hifrat to Median: He went to median in 622. A.D. in the dark of night. There he was welcomed by the people of Medina. They also accepted Islam and helped his in all possible ways.

His success: After a few years he conquered Mecca and forgave them all. They accepted Islam. Thus Islam spread far and wide in the world. The Muslims under him established a new civilization. He gave a new lead to humanity.

His death: breathed the last at the age of 63 in 632 A.D. Median. He was engraved baside Nababi Mosque.

Conclusion: He was the best reformist, best guide, best friend and best teacher of the whole universe. He lain-down the foundation for universal brotherhood of people. So his love, kind and fillings for all will ever be recorded in the history of Islam even in the history of the world in the letter of gold.

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