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Paragraph on My Parents


Question: Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on ‘my parents. You have to use the following questions in writing this paragraph:

  1. Who are your parents?
  2. How old are your parents?
  3. What are their occupations?
  4. What do they do?
  5. What would you say about their nature?
  6. What are their activities?
  7. What is their expectation about you?
  8. How do they deal with you?
  9. What is your feeling about them?

Answer: I am A. Rahim. I have come to a noble and rich family. The persons whom I can proud of are my parents. they have given birth to me. my father is 50 years old and my mother is 40 years old. they are highly educated. my father’s name is Mr. Kamal Ahmed and my mother is Rokeya Begum. my father is an M.A. he is a professor at a college. my mother is a B.A.B Ed. she is a school teacher. the activities and thoughts of my parents are that I become well educated and a good citizen of the country. I am just a fruit of their desire care. they bring me up with great care and affection. they are my best teachers, friends, and guide. they are my heart and soul. they always want their dream with me to come true. I am really fortunate that I have come from such parents.


My Parents

Question: Write a paragraph in about ‘my parents. You have to use the following questions in writing this paragraph:

  1. Who are parents?
  2. What does religion say about parents?
  3. What kind of man is your father?
  4. What kind of woman is your mother?
  5. What do you feel about your parents?

Answer: our parents are only the source of our existence on earth. Our life on earth would be impossible without their loving care and affection. They are our best and closest guides and well-wishers. My parents are parents with all the qualities of parents. My parents are Md. Soliman Hossain and Shafaly begum by names. My father is now fifty. He is an m.a. he is a teacher at a local premier college. He is a teacher of the first water. He is also a reputed author. He is a man of great personality. He maintains our family decently. He spends a lot of our education. He is always on good terms with his colleagues and neighbors. He is very honest, gentle, sincere, dutiful and well-behaved. My mother is about forty. She is an S.S.C she is an ideal housewife. She is very polite, affectionate and intelligent. She loves us very dearly. She manages our family nicely. She is very religious minded and neat and clean. I am very proud of my parents.

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