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Essay on How Far Do Films and Television Portray People and Situations in Real Life?

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Judging from the shows that I have watched, films and television hardly ever portray people or situations in real life. They are almost all make-belief, often so ridiculous that they are laughable.

Ordinary film-shows almost always have to have heroes and villains. Everyone loves a hero like James Bond who seems to be able to get out of every sticky situation without a scratch. We see the heroes gel: knocked, punched, shot and otherwise abused. Then their wounds would heal so quickly and completely that by the end of the show, they are looking completely healthy or at worse with a symbolic bandage around their arm. This is definitely ridiculous. just get knocked in the head once and an ordinary man will probably suffer the consequences for days afterwards, or perhaps permanently. But our heroes get knocked every week without any ill-effects.

The villains too are unrealistic They are portrayed as completely bad. I have not met anyone in real life who is completely bad, nor have I met one who is completely good. In real life, each person has his or her bad points, and depending on the situation he or she may act accordingly. I know a man who would not give a sen to a beggar but would willingly spend a fortune on his children. How does one judge such a person? To the beggar, he may be stingy, which is something considered bad. To his family, however, he will be considered a good father. So he is good or bad according to the situation.

In films and television, in almost every case, the heroes triumph over the villains. If real life were to be as portrayed, by now there should be no villains left in the world. or very few of them. Consequently, the world should be flooded with out-of-work heroes. That is hardly the case in the world. On the contrary, wars, crimes and the battle between heroes and villains seem to have increased, not lessened. if the Germans and Japanese of World War II have been defeated how is it that they are now major economic world powers? We buy most of the best electronic products from the Japanese villains, do we not?

Films and television also have totally make-belief superheroes like Superman, Batman and others like them. No man, woman nor child have the powers attributed to these superheroes, so they are completely unreal portrayals. These sort of heroes make the children live in a world of fantasy and imagination. I used to believe in all these heroes too. Even now when I know better; these make-belief characters have and will continue to influence my life in many ways. suspect that a lot of grown-ups still live partly or largely in their world of fantasy, judging by the popularity of such shows like Superman, Batman. Star Wars, Star Trek and their continuing sequels.

Man loves to fantasise and imagine. This is probably due to the harsh conditions of living that man has to put up with. To escape from the harshness, fantasies of heroes overcoming villains are just too tempting to ignore. Thus the unreal portrayals of life will continue as long as there are people to watch them.

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