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Essay on Terrorism and its Remedy Or Violence in Society and its Remedies

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Hints: Introduction, Fuel of terrorism, Terrorism and Bangladesh, Terrorism and the globe, Way to eradicate terrorism, Conclusion.


Terrorism is a nuisance. Not a single day is out of terrorist attacks or discussions. It has taken the shape of pollution, None is out of its grip. The definition, causes, effects, solutions, and the like of terrorism are manifold. In a word, it has command over lots of pages of various books, courses, studies discussions, seminars, symposiums, conferences, and so forth.

The fuel of terrorism

Terrorism is infectious. It has taken hold of all sides of the globe. The weaker states by the wishes of the superpowers have to emphasize terrorism after 11 September 2001. So, terrorism is increasing internationally. At the same time, the measurement of the reduction and development of terrorism for political ground comes to the fore. Fareed Zakaria in his article ‘The Best Ways to Beat Terror’ (published on Newsweek April 12, 2004) views terrorism to be ‘fuelled by three broad forces :

  1. the openness of free societies.
  2. the easy access to technologies of violence.
  3. a radical, global ideology of hatred.

But it is pertinent to mention that a New York Times article in April 1986 points out that the US citizens listed terrorism as their number one issue of concern – ‘ahead of the economy, unemployment, the agricultural crisis, poverty, homelessness, drugs, corruption in the government, environmental pollution and external national attack. So, terrorism is not necessarily a product of the 21st century, rather it has been issued from past decades.

Terrorism and Bangladesh

A close look into the causes and characteristics of terrorism in the context of Bangladesh horrifies everybody.

  1. Abduction is very much frequent. In need of pays and perks, big merchants or their offspring are kidnapped. As the kidnapping are successful now and then, abduction goes on a rampant distinguished businessman. Jamaluddin and many others are living examples of abduction and this kind of terrorism in Bangladesh.
  2. Khulna, Jessore, Jhenaidah, Kushtia, Bagerhat, and surrounding areas are terrorized by some so-called leftist organizations. Journalists like Manik Shaha, the president of Khulna Press Club Humayun Kabir Balu and even policemen have been killed by these terrorist groups.
  3. A few years back a huge despatch of arms in Chittagong raised eyebrows of many. People were astonished how Bangladesh was on the hard-line of terrorists and terrorist attacks. Of course, now the case is under trial. Needless to say, Bangladesh is perhaps in the active smuggling zone since it is used as a routed channel for the neighboring countries’ illegal arms.
  4. Previously light arms like pistol and revolver, Ak-47 and Ak 56 rifles were in vogue. Many distorted terrorists burnt people in the brickfields or abnormally killed people and submerged the dead body tying with the cement sacks. Later in the culture of terrorism, a new dimension of such-ing the dead body and spreading the pieces in different places has been added.
  5. Bomb culture, no doubt, haunts meeting places for the last three and a half years. Cinema halls, mosques, churches, processions, celebrations, and even the British High Commissioner are raided by bombing.
  6. The modus operandi of terrorism in Bangladesh has taken a new turn when the terrorists are patronized by the govt. forces. Evil cannot be uprooted by a Bangla Bhai and his gangs under the banner of evil. But Jago Muslim Janata (JMJ) tries to eradicate Sharbahara according to their own rules which have been criticized by the assistant Foreign Minister of South Asian Affairs of USA Ms. Christina Roca and US ambassador to Bangladesh Harry K. Thomas.
  7. Terrorists do not like Jackal’s favorite moonshine rather sunlight. They are defying laws and law enforcing agencies or even jointly organizing some crimes. They stab, bomb, kill before the very eyes of the public and care none as having chains with political leaders or godfathers. Despite the hanging of Ershad Shikdar and some other verdicts by the Speedy Trial Tribunal, it seems, terrorism is not on the wane. Corruption leads to a corrupt mentality to be rich overnight. Values are shattered. Family-conflict increases. Trifle factors are causes of violence now and then.
  8. Educational institutions are dens of terrorists. University halls are working to be the place of torture for the innocent and shelter for the killers and hijackers.
  9. Politics curtails the peace, progress, security, and serenity of a model society. Political leaders for their corrupt immorality nourish terrorists. So, who will protect them?

Terrorism and the globe

Noam Chompsky, the great American philosopher and think tank, terms the United States as the number 1 terrorist country. Brazilian writer Paulo Freire observes, “Never in history has violence been initiated by the oppressed; violence is initiated by those who oppress, who exploit, who fail to recognize others as persons, exploited and unrecognized”. To look at it from another point of view, one can take the example of the US establishment which is being widely accused of perpetrating terrorist acts against the weak across the world. `One dollar for dead Indian and half a dollar for a dead squaw.’ The practice goes on.

In 1976, the Senate committee on intelligence activities revealed “officially sanctioned” US efforts to kill Fidel Castro and Congo’s leader Lumumba who was killed in 1960. 1986, bombing on Gaddafi’s residence killing his infant daughter is still a fresh memory. Now he is no more for a blood-shedding mass movement indirectly launched by the US authorities. The US authorized general Pinochet’s military coup in Chile in 1973. In 1976, the US dictated the Indonesian invasion of East Timor to pre-empt national independence after the Portuguese withdrawal. Dozens of such incidents of terrorism or political violence, either perpetrated directly by the US establishment or carried out by its political stooges with direct support, crisscross the conscientious people—not to mention the continued US military and economic support to the Zionist state of Israel which has been conducting ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians for decades now.

Whenever the name of al-Qaeda comes, one, perhaps, is forced to recall the fact that its leader, Osama bin Laden, is a product of the US establishment. Michael Moore’s movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, alleges financial connections between the family of George W.Bush and that of Osama bin Laden. It is also mentionable, Bin Laden has recently been killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and also has been buried in the watery grave in the Atlantic by the CIA agents. That no civilians have seen his dead body is a mystery, and so rooting out of terrorism has remained as an all-time matter of mystery, no doubt. So, globally US perpetrates terrorism. This does not undermine the terrorist acts especially hijacking, abduction, extortion, hostage-taking, and bombing (suicide bombing) in recent years. Attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York, the US Embassies in Dar-es-Salam and Nairobi, the Tokyo Subway System, Madrid Railway Station, tourist spot Bali, or in Ingushetia near Chechniya are the most notorious terrorist activities all over the world.

Way to eradicate terrorism

Terrorism is uncontrollable to some extent. Global and national features and impacts of terrorism are matters of research. Possible solutions are very tough. Yet, the way to lead a society devoid of evil is a nightmare. But the terrorism which lies within should be checked. So, foreign and internal policies of the superpowers, as well as the developing countries, should be changed to meet up the demand of the day, otherwise, casualties in Iraq will be increased. Some more measures to tackle terrorism are :

  1. UN should take the central role in every case.
  2. Discrimination in the sectors should be removed.
  3. Moral values should be taught and cultured.
  4. Smuggling of arms, drugs, and trafficking of children and women should be checked.
  5. Illegal arms, unemployment, poverty, depression- these factors should be dealt with.
  6. Media coup should be abolished through the fundamental right to freedom of speech.
  7. Laws should be equal.
  8. Human rights should be protected, sustained, and fortified.
  9. Circumspection is a must to be exercised.
  10. Root causes of terrorism are necessary to be detected and uprooted.
  11. Deprivation of any kind, of any proportion in any way, in any place, should be looked after.
  12. Civil societies should come forward to strengthening the awareness programs of the govt.
  13. Equal distribution of wealth and opportunities is a must.
  14. Exemplary verdicts should be highlighted.
  15. All the above suggestions should be maintained uniformly.


Democracy is the order of the day. Terrorism is nothing but the acute absence of democratic law and order. Most of the citizens of the world are peace-loving. So, tips for that serene, peaceful co-existence of the dwellers of the earth can only be ensured through a world fully free from terrorism indeed.

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