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Essay on How to Remove Corruptions

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Introduction: Corruption means the perversion of a social custom or law. Whatever is not ethically or legally approved is a corruption.

True civilization stands on morality. Morality means the use of reason as he guides of man’s conduct. What is wanted by man should be good? He should be a moral being, having respect for the fundamental truths of life i.e. truth, justice, love, and sympathy.

The position of corruption: In our social morality has become a rare thing. Here nobody cares for what is legal or moral. Here fair has become foul and foul has become fair. Corruptions prevail everywhere. Here truth, justice, love, and sympathy have no importance. But corruptions cannot make a man happy. Corruption is responsible for the downfall of man.

Wherever we cast our eyes we see corruptions. Immoral traffic, bribery, nepotism, favoritism, hoarding, black marketing, smuggling, hijacking and robbery, these are common news items. Unfairness in the examinations. unfairness in the elections, negligence of duty and misuse of power are very common fact.

How to remove: Now we feel that we should get rid of these corruptions. The government is also worried about the situation. Some suggest that guilty persons should be heavily punished. Corrupted officers should be dismissed from service. In fact, some sorts of punishment are being inflicted upon the corrupt. But still, corruption is going on.

So how to check corruptions? Some say that religious education can check corruptions. It is partly true. But no human measure can check total corruptions in our country. Man can deceive men. Men can escape men’s eyes. What cannot be done in light, can be done in darkness. To fear of Allah is the only effective measure to remove corruptions.