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Paragraph on Good Governance

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Good Governance‘ by answering the questions below,

  • What does good governance mean?
  • What is the need for good governance?
  • What factors does good governance depend on?
  • What happens in the absence of good governance?
  • How can good governance be ensured?

Answer: Good governance means the good rule. A good rule can be ensured when the rule of law can be ensured. Besides, fair, impartial, and unbiased administration can be, to a great extent, helpful to ensure good governance. Without good governance, a good management system can not be developed. In the absence of good governance, corruption, lawlessness, and anarchy prevail. Without good governance, the law and order of a country deteriorate day by day. Instead of good services from the government as well as the country people are always harassed, mal-treated, exploited, and oppressed. Social justice is banished from the country for want of good governance. Where there is no good governance, there is mismanagement in state affairs. As a result, people have been deprived of their fundamental rights, social justice, and even human rights. In the absence of good governance, the government has no accountability, transparency, credibility, and acceptability. To ensure good governance, the government should be transparent. People should be made aware of all the plans, programs and policies are taken by the government. If good governance can be ensured, a proper management system will be possible which will ultimately be helpful for national development and prosperity.

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