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Paragraph on Our School Magazine

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  1. What is a school magazine?
  2. How is the magazine committee formed?
  3. How are the editors elected?
  4. What is the function of a business editor?
  5. What does the magazine contain?
  6. What is the necessity of publishing a magazine?

Answer: A school magazine is the mirror of the literary works of the teachers and the students of the school. We are the students of a renowned school in the district of Manikgonj. We publish a magazine every year from our school. We have a magazine committee consisting of nine members they are: three teachers and six students. The headmaster acts as the chief patron of the committee. The other two teachers act as advisers and proof-reader. The other editors are elected from among the students. Spaces are sold to the business concerns for advertising of their products. We have a magazine found to meet the necessary essays, poems, stories, short plays, riddles, jokes, etc written by the teachers and the students. Our school magazine is a great boon for us. It helps us express our feelings and thoughts and develop our creative powers. We are proud of our school magazine.


Our School Magazine

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Your School Magazine’ by, answering the following questions:

  1. What is a school magazine?
  2. What is the importance of a school magazine?
  3. Who keeps the role to publish a school magazine?
  4. What is your role in your school magazine?

Answer: A school magazine is one kind of journal which contains mainly the articles of the students and teachers. It is published annually or bi-annually. The editor of a school magazine is a teacher and the sub-editors are always chosen from the students. A school magazine plays an important role for the students. It helps to express the students’ feelings and creative powers. It encourages students to think for themselves, to organize their information into knowledge and to take an active interest in all that is going on around them. The magazine committee may hold periodical competitions in poetry, short stories and essays and select the best of there for publication. I am an active partner in our school magazine and write articles and poems for our school magazine.


Paragraph on Our School Magazine

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Your School Magazine’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. What is the name of your school magazine?
  2. What do you know of the magazine committee?
  3. When is it published?
  4. What are its contents?
  5. How does it help the students?

Answer: A school magazine is an annual publication of a school. It contains the writings of the students and the teachers. We have a school magazine. Its name is “The Light of Dawn”. It is published once a year. Its cover page is very attractive. A committee is formed in a general meeting for the publication of the magazine. The Headmaster of the school is the president of the committee. He inspires us to submit our writings. An English teacher is an adviser. The other members of the committee help him with the publication of the magazine. Our school magazine contains different kinds of writings. They include poems, jokes, essays, short stories, and a one-act play. It also includes the message from the Headmaster and the annual reports of the cultural activities of our school. Most writers are the students., They express the feelings of their young minds through their writings. Some teachers also write here. The magazine is bilingual in, nature. So, one can write in Bangla or English. All the students and the members of the committee do their best for the publication of this magazine. It helps us to know more about literature. It develops our writing skills. We are proud of our school magazine.

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