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Short Composition on A School Magazine

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Introduction: A school magazine is a periodical publication of the literary works of the teachers and the students. It is written, edited and published by the students with the help of the teachers. Our magazine goes by the name of ‘probate’.

How published: a committee is formed to publish the magazine. It consists of teachers and students with the headmaster is chair. The editors are selected by the students from among themselves. They collect writings from the teachers and the students. The best ones are selected for publication. It is generally published at the end of the years or at t beginning of the new session.

Its contents: a school magazine contains essays, poems, stories, short plays, sokes, riddles etc. Written by the teachers and the students. It publishes the reports of sports, games, debates and other activities of the students. It also publishes the activities of the boy scouts and the results of the S.S.C examination. It also contains massages from important personalities and some universal maxims. Most of the articles are written in Bengali and a few are written in English.

Utility (usefulness/merit): many are the utilities of school activities. It develops the power of thinking of the students. It creates fellow-feeling and team-spirit among them. It trains them in the art of printing and publication. It helps them to develop their latent faulting and power of thinking and writing. A school magazine actually acts as a training ground for the students to become the future poets, writers, and artists of the country.

Source of knowledge and pleasure: a school magazine acts as a great source of Both knowledge and pleasure. It contributes much to add to the storehouse of knowledge. It serves the purpose of Leo Tolstoy’s saying to a great extent, ‘three things are badly needed in a man’s life. They are books and books.’ Besides, it greatly helps to activate the wise saying “the more you read, the more will you learn.” It also helps us spend our leisure time fruitfully and provides us with a good sauce of bliss in solitude.

Conclusion: we can assert that a school magazine is just like a mirror of the literary works and academic achievements of the school. There cannot be any room for controversy about the potential contributions of the school magazine to enhance the name, fame, and glory of the school. We are proud of our school magazine.

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