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Paragraph on How to Make Oral Saline


Question: imagine your younger sister does not know how to make oral saline. Give her instructions on how to make it. You may use the following keyword.

Molasses finally, diarrhea, first, clean, then, next, a handful, after that, salt, spoon

Answer: Oral saline is a mixture of salt and sugar or molasses with water. It is a lifesaving drink for diarrhea or cholera patients. Everybody should know how to make it. My younger sister does not know how to make it. So, I give her instructions to make oral Saline. First, take about one liter of water, which has been boiled for at least half an hour. When the water has become completely, it could put it in a clean pot or container. Then, wash your hand very well with fresh water. Next, take one handful of sugar or molasses and put it into the water. After that, add one pinch of salt of three fingers to this water. Finally, stir the water well with a clean spoon until the sugar and salt are completely dissolved in the water. This is how oral saline is prepared.

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