Paragraph on How to Make A Cup of Tea

Question: Imagine your younger sister doesn’t know how to make a cup of tea. Write a paragraph telling her how to make a cup of tea.

Answer: My sister; Deepa does not know how to make a cup of tea. But I know how to do it. So, I have made her know how to make a cup of tea. Preparing tea is not difficult. One requires a kettle, a teapot, water, milk, sugar, and tea. Note what I tell-you and you will find that it is not difficult to make a cup of tea. First boil water in a. pot. Then put some tea in it. Next, when it changes its color, take it in a cup. After that pouring milk into it. Take care not to pour too much of it. Finally, you have to put some sugar into the cup and stir it with a spoon until the sugar dissolves. You must not put too much sugar. In fact, milk and sugar have to be added-according to an individual’s taste. Some people prefer lemon tea. When you make tea for them, add some lemon juice instead of milk. In serving, tea-milk or sugar may or may not have mixed with tea according to the taste of the person taking tea.

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