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Paragraph on How to Prepare Custard

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Paragraph about How to Prepare Custard

Custard is a sweet yellow sauce made from milk, sugar, eggs, and flour usually served hot with cooked fruit. It is a very delicious food It is not so tough to prepare the custard. First, we will wash the fruits and peel them. Then we cut the fruits into small pieces and keep them in a bowl. Now we will boil the milk in a pot. Next, we mix sugar in it and stir well. Then we take the custard powder in a small cup and put 4 tablespoons of cold milk and mix well. Now should pour the mixture into the boiling milk and stir well. Boiling will be for five minutes, stirring it all the time. After that, the pot will be removed from the stove. Let the custard cool. Finally, we pour it into the fruit bowl. Now the delicious custard is ready to eat.

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