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Paragraph on How to Cook Vegetable

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Polao Vegetable Polao is very delicious to eat. There is hardly any who does not like it. But everybody does not know how to cook it. Cooking ‘Vegetable Polao’ is very easy and at the same time, it is very interesting. If you want to cook Vegetable Polao’, you need to go through a number of steps. At first take some rice, peas, carrots, and beans and wash them well. Then cut carrots and beans into -to 1-inch sizes. After that place a pan on optimum heat. Next fry some masala with ghee. Tien adds vegetables to the masala and fries for two or three minutes. Now add rice and fry till it is slightly brown. Next pour water and stir with required salt. Now place a lid and wait until the rice is boiled properly. It may take 20-25 minutes. Finally, remove the pan from the heat and you will find the Polao is ready to serve.

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