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Report On Food Adulteration: A Silent Killer

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Question: Suppose, you are Belal/Rita and you are a reporter of a reputed daily. Now write a report on “Food Adulteration”.

Food Adulteration: A Silent Killer

Answer: Two hundred and fifty prisoners of Dhaka central jail fell seriously sick after taking special dishes served on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh. An investigation team at last found that adulterated food led them to illness. Not only that, the whole country is now in the threat of adulterated food. Vegetables, fish, meat and even liquid milk are now sold with formalin. Toxic chemicals and garments dyes are used in sweetmeats. Mrs. Bilkis Akter, a housewife told the reporter, “I bought fish from a local market and when I cooked it gave out a strange smell. After taking this fish my whole family suffered from stomach ache for two days.” Though the food ministry conducts drives every now and then, it is going on in full swing. People complain that the miscreants are not sufficiently punished and so it is on the rise at an alarming rate. But the public is hopeful that the concerned authority must take some effective steps in this regard.