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Paragraph on Grameen Bank

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Question: Write a paragraph on “Grameen Bank” by answering the following questions:

  1. What is the Grameen Bank?
  2. What are the objectives of this bank?
  3. When was it established?
  4. Why did the Nobel Committee select Yunus and his Grameen Bank for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2006
  5. What are the feelings of the Bangladeshis?

Answer: Grameen Bank is an NGO (Non-Government Organization). Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the professor of Economics, is the founder of this bank. Its main objectives are to remove poverty from the society through its micro-credit activities. It started its function in 1976, but it got its institutional status in 1983. It gives loans to the poor and helpless women without any security which is really a courageous step. Taking a loan from this bank many distressed people become able to change their lives. Many of them became self-reliant. A good number of international organizations observed the activities of this bank and became surprised watching the progress of lives of the poor people. For this noble work, the Norwegian Nobel Committee declare Dr Yunus and his Grameen Bank as the winner of Nobel Peace Prize of 2006 on 13 October. We are really proud of his great achievement. This credit goes not only to Dr Yunus but also to the whole Bangladeshis.

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