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Essay on Green Economy and Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication

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Green economy, directly related to sustainable development including poverty alleviation and eradication, is the burning question of the day, especially in the countries under LDCs. The green economy is something that can generate growth and improvement in people’s lives in ways consistent with sustainable development. A green economy reflects an overall development picture of land or a country. With the gradual growing need for development, Bangladesh has also been stirred by the induction of a green economy, A green economy results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risk, and ecological green economy is an econRio+20 are ‘Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication’ and ‘International Framework for Sustainable Development. With the green economy, now firmly established on the international policy agenda, it is useful to review and clarify the linkages between a green economy and sustainable development. According to the Rio conference proposal, society must decide how best to use its total capital stock today to increase current economic activities and welfare. Society will also be responsible for savings for the future. Of course, the concept of a green economy does not replace sustainable development, but there is a growing recognition that achieving sustainability rests almost entirely on getting the economy right, and a green economy is a potential adjunct to achieve MDGs, 2015. Decades of creating new wealth through a brown economy model, based on fossil fuels, have not substantially addressed social marginalization, environment degradation, and resource depletion.

Green Economy And Eradicating Poverty

The role of the green economy is inevitable in eradicating poverty, no doubt. In the long run, a green economy will lead to economic growth which is sustainable and poverty-reducing. Persistent poverty is the most visible form of social inequity related to unequal access to education, healthcare, credit availability, income opportunity. A green economy seeks for providing diverse opportunities for economic development and poverty alleviation without eroding a country’s natural assets. In low-incoming countries, ecosystem goods and services are a large component of the living of the rural poor communities, and all these provide a safety net for them against natural disasters and economic shocks.

Green Economy And Bangladesh

Bangladesh has geared up its environment conservation steps to save the world’s poorest countries from the adverse effects of global warming. In Bangladesh, about 70% of the population does not have access to electricity. Bringing electricity to the rural poor is one of the most important contributions that a green economy can make to a developing economy thus making way for ecotourism in Bangladesh. The green economy in Bangladesh promotes three bottom lines- sustaining economic, environmental, and social well-being. The area of the green economy also involves Grameen Shakti, a nonprofitable organization pioneering a solar system for homes in Bangladesh. Grameen Shakti, linked with micro-credit lender Grameen Bank, provides a small loan scheme to the villagers to buy solar home systems. Some 60% of Bangladesh’s 150 million people have no access to electricity. They mainly use kerosene lamps for lighting. Grameen Shakti disburses loans to this sector of people for having electric connections in their homes, and thus Grameen Shakti is at the forefront of pushing the green economy in Bangladesh.


In the light of the above discussion, it can be summed up that the total idea of the Green Economy movement centers around natural resources. The success of a green economy mainly depends on the best use of environmental or natural goods, and careful handling of natural resources must guarantee a multi-lateral development in a society or a country. In a word, the green economy is a catalyst for the overall progress of the country. Therefore, going forward green economy ideas means a development in Bangladesh’s ecology and economy. In the socio-economic context of Bangladesh, the exercise of the green economy is a must.

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