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Story on Industry Is the Key to Success

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Muna is the daughter of a poor farmer. Her father could not educate the son on account of his poverty. At the age of fifteen, her parents gave her in marriage with a very poor boy. He is very lazy. He does not do work. So Muna works hard to support her family. But she is always anxious about what if she gives birth to a female child. So she tries to find out a way to earn a livelihood. She has a cousin in a youth training center. She went to him for his help. According to his advice, Muna received training on poultry farming. After the completion of her course, she got 10,000/= taka as loan money under the easy condition from the training center. With the money, she began to raise poultry at her home. She began to work hard in taking care of the poultry. Her chickens and ducks grew smoothly. They were healthy. So selling them to the market she earned huge money. After repayment of her loan, she received a large loan from her training center and invested this money for other profitable stocks and running businesses. In this way, Muna has now become rich women. She enjoys a peaceful life. She sends her daughter to school. She hopes her daughter will receive higher education and enlighten society.

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