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Composition on Your Visit to Science Exhibition

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Introduction: An exhibition means a public show of various kinds of articles either for their publicity or for teachings. Man is by nature curious to know the unknown. The exhibition provides some ground satisfy this need.

Its classes: Exhibitions can be classified into a number of classes. One classification is national and the other is international exhibitions. In the national exhibitions goods of the country are displayed. Goods of different countries are exhibited in the international exhibitions. Exhibitions of social nature are also held. Such exhibitions are industrial, agricultural, medical, art and painting exhibitions. And science exhibitions are one of them. A science exhibition is generally organized by the science clubs of the educational institutions.

The visit: I had an occasion to visit science exhibitions organized by the science club of the Notre Dame college. It was arranged in three big rooms of the college building. The exhibition was opened to all kinds of visitors when I went to visit the exhibition in the evening. The whole compound was beautifully decorated and illuminated. Suddenly, I met Mainul Hossain, a leading member of the club. He took me inside the rooms and began to show me with the exhibition the various types of scientific appliances. I was simply astonished to see the inventive brains of the students of the college.

Experience: the models of different appliances invented by the college students are worth-seeing. I saw everything exhibited with much curiosity and interest. I wondered seeing the inventive mind and brain of our student friends. Actually, it was a nice experience for me.

Conclusion: In consideration of its value more and more science exhibition should be held in almost all of our educational institutions.

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