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Essay on Private Universities of Bangladesh

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Hints: Introduction, Promoters of the private universities, History, Objectives of the private universities, Role of the private universities, Demerits, Conclusion


The concept of a private university, first come from Europe, developed in Bangladesh mainly upon on one ground that the small number of public universities cannot accommodate the so many brilliant students who are willing to enter into university after passing the HSC Examination or the equivalent exams. Of course, private universities are nohow the replacement of public ones. Moreover, the general students and their guardians are losing confidence in the government universities of the countries day by day. Reasons behind this are session jam, student-teacher dirty politics, campus violence, etc. On the other hand, because of limited seats in these universities thousands of meritorious students are deprived of higher education; still today the number of public universities is 34. For all these reasons students and guardians have deeply felt the necessity of private universities for a long. The then BNP-led government, for the development and expansion of education, passed the Private University Act in 1992, and within a very short period, 16 private universities became government-affiliated. Now the number of private universities is 71 and as a result of efficient management of these universities a new horizon, in the field of expansion of education in the country, has opened.

Promoters of the private universities

The Private University Bill, 2010 was passed on 11 July 2010 by the National Parliament. The Bill became effective on 18 July 2010 as a result of which the Private University Bill, passed by the National Parliament on 5 August 1992 was discarded. The promoters of the private universities involve retired professors and chancellors and many other versatile figures of the country. For example, internationally reputed physiologist Professor Dr. Nurul Islam, Dr. M.A. Majid Khan, a specialist educationist and ex-Education Minister of the country, and A.S.H.K. Sadek, ex-Education Minister is the remarkable personality of all founders of private universities.


The private universities were affiliated at different times between 1992 and 1996. 16 universities, first established, are North-South University (5 Nov. 1992), University of Science & Technology (9 Nov. 1992), Independent University (16 March 1993), Darul Ihsan University (19 August 1993), International University of Business Agriculture & Technology (30 August 1993), Islami University, Chittagong (11 February 1995), Ahsanullah Science & Technology University (2 May 1995), A.M.A. International University (6 Nov. 1995), The University of Comilla (4 December 1995), Asian University of Bangladesh (4 January 1996), East-West University (10 January 1996), Queen’s University (25 February 1996), Gono University (10 April 1996), The People’s University of Bangladesh (14 May 1996). Among these 16 universities, 13 are in Dhaka city, of the 13 one is at Savar. Other universities affiliated in recent times are BRAC University, Millennium University, Stamford University, Northern University, and the like.

Objectives of the private universities

There is some objectives behind every work of creation. Similarly, the case is such respecting the setting up of private universities.

Notable objectives are following:

  1. to save the students from the grip of session jam and terrorism,
  2. to save the student society from clamor in the name of student politics,
  3. to impart quality education for human resource development so that we can qualify in the present world competition,
  4. to produce expert and moralistic graduates in their respective professions,
  5. to make a tolerable environment free of corruption,
  6. to impart education with international standard so that our students do not go to foreign lands instead of a large fortune,
  7. to open the doors to research and to patronize duly for the development of wisdom and socio-economic condition, and
  8. through the sound management of education to create such a political and violence-free environment where students can acquire knowledge.

Role of the private universities

In the field of expansion of education the private universities of Bangladesh have introduced a new horizon. In the meantime, the private universities have raised a sensation though they are not old still. Functions of some universities are presented below:

North-South University: North-South University, the first private university of Bangladesh, was established in 1992. It was formally inaugurated on 12 February 1993. The university, though started with great hope and aspiration, could not progress much in its inauguration year. Of course, from the subsequent year the university began to rose, and still today it is in the top position among the private universities of Bangladesh.

Asian University of Bangladesh: the Asian University of Bangladesh is an exceptional private university where there is an arrangement of remote learning systems and campus-based education systems. The students of this university may attend the class regularly or if they wish they also can obtain higher degrees sitting at home. Both middle-class families and lower-middle-class family boys and girls have a chance to be admitted here. Experts from various universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia tested the standards of this university. With the help of them, the university has got an international advisory committee as well.

Darul Ihsan University: Of the private universities Darul Ihsan University has a special craze. The students of this university are ready to take any challenge from home and abroad. The university has an academic linkage with some universities in the USA and the UK. Honors degree on Rome subjects of the famous Al-Azhar University of the Muslim world is given from this university.

University of Science and Technology: University of Science and Technology, situated on the Foys Lake of the port city Chittagong, has gained much name and fame from home and abroad. The university is always sonorous with the strolling of innumerable students of home and abroad. The study cost here is high, but the standard of education is higher.

Independent University: Independent University is one of the famous private universities of Bangladesh. In the field of higher education, the university is much reputed, no doubt. The university teaches following the US teaching method. Here the course is completed according to the British Honours Degree model as well.

Central Women’s University: Central Women’s University is no less important. Since the emergence of the university, it has been playing important role in higher education. The only women’s university in the county is served by many specialist educationists such as professor Sardar Fazlul Karim. By observing the rules and procedures of the private universities on the survey, it has been proved that through proper management the private universities of Bangladesh bid fair to go a long way. And later, Stamford University (2002), Northern University (2002), BRAC University (2001), Millennium University (2003), MIU (2001), BIU, IBAIS, DIU (2002), ULAB, Dhaka International University, Premier University (2002), ASAUniversity (2006), Isha Khan International University (2012), AIUB, Bangladesh University, IIUC and the like imparting quality education to the lots of students of Bangladesh. The universities, established at different times, are competing with each other and in this competitive phase, the students of these universities are keeping pace with those of public universities.


There is nothing with an unmixed blessing. Some private universities suffer from some lackings such as proper space. Some days ago some selfish belts opened a fake university and misappropriated a lot of money from the mild and modest students of the country. Consequently, private universities have been called into question by several people of the country. Again, some universities have no or very few permanent teachers. Hired teachers come from outside to teach here and for this here education cost is much higher than that of public universities. Besides, many teachers of private universities are inexperienced. For this reason, education in many universities can be called into question.


To sum up, in the field of spreading education in the country, private universities are an exclusive dimension. Because of session jam, campus violence, seat crisis the public universities are no longer trusted to many students as before. As a result, they go to foreign universities for higher education and billions of money from our poor land are going abroad every year. In such a critical moment of the country, the private universities have come forward to prevent the students from going abroad, and this has been possible for them because of their guarantee of imparting quality education. It is, therefore, needless to mention that the private universities of Bangladesh are playing a pioneering role in the field of expanding education.

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