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Essay on Good Manners

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[Hints: Introduction; A man of good manners; A man of ill manners; Difference in manners; Conclusion.]

Introduction: Man is social by birth. He lives in society, moves in society and grows in society. His dealings with others are his manners. His manners may be good or bad. If he behaves with other people well, he is said to be a man of good manners. If he does otherwise, he is said to be a man of ill manners. So, the external behavior of a man is his manner. Good manner is the best achievement of a man.

A man of good manners: A man of good manners always behaves politely and courteously. He honors the views and opinions of others. He listens patiently to what other people say. He never speaks or utters such a word that remains silent if there is any difference of opinion with others. He obeys laws and discipline. He is never rude to his mates, his neighbors or even to his servants. He never speaks ill of others in the front or behind. He frankly admits his own fault. He refrains from passing any remark that may injure others. He does not like any kind of bargaining with other people. A man of good manners can command the respect of others.

A man of ill manners: A man of ill manners cares little for the opinion of others. He is rude, rough and harsh in his behavior with others. He never admits his own faults. He speaks always in an angry mood. He does not obey discipline.

The difference in manners: Manner differs from man to man, a place to place and country to country. What is an affectionate term in Noakhali may not be a good term for a man of Kushtia. This difference in manner is everywhere in the world.

Conclusion: Good manner commands respect and gains love of others. It helps a man to extend his friendly relation with others. So everybody should try to cultivate and achieve this best quality of good manner at any cost.