Paragraph on Faximile Or Fax


  • What is fax?
  • How can we use it?
  • What are the benefits of fax?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the contributions of international communication?
  • What does it send?
  • How does it use in the teleprints?

Answer: Faximile or Fax is one of the most modern inventions of science. We can send the copy of a document, an illustration etc. by an electronic system using telephone lines by a machine. It is really a very wonderful machine, which can transmit any document to another fax machine located within the home and abroad in less than a minute’s time. It looks like a calculator cum telephone set. It can also receive the copy sent from abroad which is printed exactly on the paper roll set inside. It is 30 meters long roll set inside. It is 30 meters long roll of recording paper. In case of transmission, the original copy is placed face down on the document feeder and it passes over the rollers to the scanner and comes out form the document exit. No documents in light blue. green or yellow color can be transmitted. The sender to talk to the receiver can also use the handset. Now a day it has taken the place of teleprints and is playing a vital part in an international communication system. It is no doubt a time-saving device. So. its popularity now a day can hardly be overemphasized.

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