Dialogue Between Two Friend’s Mother About One Friend Feeling at Another Friend’s House

Question: Luna went to Rina’s house and stayed a few days there. She felt very comfortable there. She enjoyed their food, liked their hopes, dress and was much pleased with their behaviour and attitude. Now write a dialogue between Luna and Rina’s mother about Luna’s feeling at Rina’s house.



Rina’s mother: We are very happy to have you in the midst of us.

Luna: I’m very happy too.

Rina’s mother: How did you feel at our home?

Luna: Quite homely.

Rina’s mother: You didn’t like our food very much, did you?

Luna: The foods were very delicious. I liked your vegetables, fish, boiled rice and other curries very much.

Rina’s mother: You were quite unhappy at our house, weren’t you?

Luna: Oh no, not at all. What surprised me most was your house made of clay with a tin roof. But I felt quite happy here.

Rina’s mother: What’s you’re feeling about our dress?

Luna: I liked your dress very much.

Rina’s mother: What’s your idea about our family members?

Luna: Very nice. All of the members of your family were friendly. They welcomed me very warmly.

Rina’s mother: We were also very pleased to get you among us. Hope you to visit us again.

Luna: Of course. I’ll visit you again.

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