Letter to Your Mother About Your Experience and Feelings After Visiting Your Friend’s Family

Question: Imagine you are Becky. Write a letter to your mother about your experience and feelings after visiting Masum’s family. Based your letter on the extracts from the diary.

1 January 2001
12/A, Gulshan, Dhaka.
My dear mother, Take my salam. I hope that you are well. You will be happy to know that I have visited a Muslim family in Bangladesh. I am going to let you know about my experience and feelings after visiting that family.

I was introduced to Masum’s family. All the members of the family are friendly and cordial. They received me warmly. Masum has a very large family. His aunts and aunties also live there. What surprised me best is that their house is made of the day with a tin roof. Each house is detached from the other. I took my lunch there. It was very delicious. I ate a bit of vegetable, fish and boiled rice. Though the everyone was spicy and hot. I liked very much.

In short, the family gave me a wonderful touch. I love the saree that Masum’s mother was wearing. His sisters wore dresses called salwar, and Kamiz. His grandfather wore lungi and Punjabi- I liked their clothes very much. I would remember everything. The family gave me a wonderful touch.
No more today. With best wishes.

Yours affectionately,

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