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Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About Traffic Jam

Question: Suppose, you are Sumon. You are bored with serious traffic-jam in your city. Now, write a dialogue with your friend Rony about the traffic jam.

Answer: A dialogue between Sumon (myself) and Rony (my friend) about traffic jam:

Rony: Hello. Sumon,. you’re not looking easy today. What’s the matter?

Sumon: Oh, I’m bored with serious traffic-jam in our city.

Rony: It’s not a problem only for you, you know. We all living here are suffering from it.

Sumon: You’re right. This’s killing our valuable time.

Rony: Yes. Particularly, we. the students are seriously affected by it. We hardly can join our classes in time.

Sumon: I feel it every moment. But I think the patients ‘and office-goers also stiffer as severely as we.

Rony: What do you think about the reasons behind this?

Sumon: I think. population explosion. narrow roads. negligence of the authority and our carelessness are the main reasons.

Rony: I agree with you. But such a situation must not go on.

Sumon: Yes. of course. We must take the necessary steps to minimize the problem.

Rony: I think. first of all, we should increase awareness among all classes of people.

Sumon: Right. But at the same time, roads and streets should also be developed.

Rony: And above all. traffic rules must be enforced strictly.

Sumon: I agree with you. Thank you.

Rony: Thank you, too.

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