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Composition on National ID Cards

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National ID card is the national issue after the last caretaker government is formed. People of all classes have become aware of this national reforming of this fact. It preserves the citizenship of a country. Leading a quiet life is reconstructed with the basic support of the democratic state. After the- 47e forming of the caretaker government, the government has taken so many steps to reconstruct and reform the people’s right. Reforming voter’s id card is one of them that reset the identity of a citizen perfectly. Teachers of school in Bangladesh have made an important role to make this voter card.

According to the representation of the people (amendment) act 1994, every single voter in Bangladesh is supposed to be in possession of a voter id card. However, before each of the three parliamentary elections since the law was in acted, a professorial order was used to bear the requirement as the election commission failed to complete the project.

Questions have been raised; however on whether preparing voter id cards for an electoral bade which is nearly 90, million strong’s is at all possible.

This time around, many civil society organizations, researchers, teachers as well as the military have backed the project. Some have placed the estimated time of completing the project between three months and one year. The cost estimates pilot projects or has worked in the take 300 cores to Taka 500 cores.

Experts who have conducted pilot projects or have worked in the previous voter id card project of 1995, and experts who have done feasibility studies on national id cards, however, dismiss these estimates of time and money as impossible.

In 1995, a 15-month project was undertaken by the government to distribute voter ID cards to all voters in the 1996 electrons. By the end of it, Taka 139 cores were spent in handing cards to 45.5 million people. not only was the project incomplete, but most of the cards handed out were declared unfit for use by an inquiry commission investigating the failure.

According to experts, voter ID cards for the elections should have basic security features like optical mark reader, magnetic card, invisible hologram picture, integrated circuit, and pictures printed into the card to protect it from forgery and signature of the candidate. This will require an extensively trained and technologically equipped information gathering process. The central storage of the information will have to be extremely secure. After all that, the experts estimate that the printing of the cards with the proper surety measures incorporated alone could take as long as two years. Experts are also divided over voter id cards over the best option for Bangladesh in the first place. Experts say id cards as you see in the case of credit cards can be easily damaged or can wear out. A civil society group that has done a pilot project on voter id card. Our largely uneducated population can lose them easily. Also, during election time, political goons can easily snatch away id cards to refrain people from voting.

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