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Paragraph on Launch Sinking in The Recent Years

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Question: Imagine that you would like to say something about the launch sinking in recent years. In this regard, you want to draw the attention of the authority. Suggest the way to solve it.

Launch Sinking in The Recent Years

Answer: The season of storms and rains is nearing and with it, concern also rises about launch tragedies. Every year, in the stormy season, launches sink in the country’s rivers and take a toll on human lives which gives rise to the question of safety of travel in the country’s riverways. The riverways are still heavily used notwithstanding much expansion of the road networks and the existence of a similar network of railways. The riverways are popular because costs of travel are considered comparatively cheaper in this form of travel. Besides, the freighting of goods is also the cheapest in the river routes. But no much care is taken by the authorities to make this mass-used transportation system safe and sound. The inland waterways are an anarchic condition. It is a common sight to see the launches in dilapidated condition and carrying several times their capacities. Besides, most of these launches were never built observing proper technical specifications to make them strong to withstand storms. Most of them also do not carry an adequate number of lifebuoys or similar devices to be used in case of emergency. The people working in the launches are not well trained. No wonder, therefore. that the inland waterways have turned very unsafe for travel. Thus. there is a very pressing need to do whatever needs to be done to improve the conditions of the riverways. The first step that should be taken is to guard against overloading. Next. all river vessels need to be honestly examined to find cut whether these are really fit to operate and have inbuilt capacities to withstand storms. The launches which would be found not meeting such criterion must be taken off the routes.