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Essay on Communication in Bangladesh

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Introduction: Generally, ‘communication’ means the link between two ends. But here it means the transport system of a country. Is the act of transporting persons, goods etc. From one place to another. ,-

Communication in Bangladesh: There are many kinds of transport in Bangladesh. It consists of waterways, roads, highways, railways, and airways.

The waterways: Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So, among various transports, water transport is very important in this country. Boats, steamers, and launches are the common water transports. These transports carry goods, passengers from one place to another.

The roads: Road communication is our important and old system of communication in Bangladesh, Buses, trucks, rickshaws, cycles etc. Play on the streets and roads of our country.

The railways: The railways are an important land transport. It connects almost all the districts of the country. It is used for carrying people and goods from place to place.

The airways: The Bangladesh airways is called Bangladesh Biman. It offers international and domestic services through regular flights. Bangladesh has a very good network of her airways at home and abroad.

The importance of transport: The development of a country is judged by the standard of its communication system. It plays an important part in the economic development of a country. Condition of transports in Bangladesh: Transport system is not so developed in our country. It has not fairly progressed here because of economic and geographical condition of the country.

Conclusion: Our country cannot develop without the development of the transportation system. So, our Government should pay special attention in the improvement of the communication system in our country.