Dialogue Between the Headmaster of a School and A Student About Admission

Question: Write a dialogue between the headmaster of a school and Moni, a student of class nine seeking for admission.

Answer: A dialogue between the headmaster of a school and a student about admission:

Moni: May I come in, sir?

Headmaster: Yes, come in. How can I help you, my boy?

Moni: Sir, I wish to get myself admitted to your school.

Headmaster: What’s your name?

Moni: Monirul Islam

Headmaster: What’s your father?

Moni: He is a teacher in a school in Rangpur.

Headmaster: Why do you seek for admission in Dhaka Govt. High School?

Moni: Because my father has recently been transferred from Rangpur to Dhaka. He desires to get admitted to your renowned school.

Headmaster: What class do you want to get yourself admitted to?

Moni: In class nine.

Headmaster: Do you have your progress report?

Moni: Yes, sir. Here it is.

Headmaster: I see you are a good student. Take this admission form. Come tomorrow at 10 a.m. after filling the form along with your transfer certificate.

Moni: Thank you, sir.

Headmaster: You’re welcome.

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