Letter to Your Cousin Informing Him of The Procedures to Gain Admission to A College

Question: Write a letter to your cousin informing him/her of the procedures to gain admission to a college.



C/8 Staff Quarter Graphic Arts Institute, Dhaka.
Dear Rahim,

Congratulations on your brilliant success in the S.S.0 Examination result published recently. You wanted to know how to get admitted into a good college. Here it is. Now you have to look for an advertisement for admission into colleges in the daily newspaper. Then you must collect admission form and submit the filled in form to the college authority by a certain date. After that, the college will arrange an admission test. You have to attend to test. If you qualify for the test obtaining a required position, you will have the opportunity of admitting into that college. Then you must pay necessary fees and charges and get yourself admitted into the college. Hope you will understand the procedure and get good preparation accordingly. Tender my salam for uncle and aunt. Be in good health. No more today.

Your cousin,

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