Paragraph on The Common Leisure Pursuits of The Young and Old in Bangladesh


  1. How does everyone like to pass his leisure?
  2. What do young people do?
  3. Does leisure pursuit differ from country to country?
  4. What do the old usually do?
  5. Why does leisure pursuits differ from one another in their leisure pursuits?

Answer: the young and the old are different in nature and temperament only because of the difference in age. They are pole apart. So the leisure pursuit of the young and the old in Bangladesh are different. In Bangladesh, we see that young people like to pass their leisure time through games and sports. They play cricket, football, chess and many other games and sports. They visit the place of historical interest. Go on a picnic, perform different cultural activities. They also spend their leisure reading books, watching TV and listening to music. Again they are busy with their hobbies during leisure. Now a day they are found busy with the computer. The old people spend their leisure time by reading books, newspapers, and magazines. They also play cards and chess. Sometimes there are seen walking together in the morning. Most of them go back to the past, remember the past memories and chew the end.

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