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Paragraph on My Playmates

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Why do you need playmates?
  2. Do you remember some of your childhood playmates?
  3. How did you pass your time with them?
  4. Who are your playmates at present?
  5. Are they helpful? How?

Answer: There is a necessity of having playmates almost at every stage of our life. When I was a child I had a number of playmates and I can still remember some of my childhood playmates. Rana and Rapa were the two whose pleasant company made me feel free to play in the field. I passed my time with them quite cheerfully. My life was care-free in association with them. I used to play football, Golla chut, hide and seek and many other games. Now I have come out of my childhood and boyhood. I am now very much engaged with the study. Yet I have some playmates in my locality. Of them Belal, Sanjoy and Helal are very close to me. When we have time, we play in the evening. Usually, we like to play chess. Sometimes in the winter season, we also arrange to play badminton. They are, in fact, quite helpful in my life. We often exchange our views about topics of our study we do not understand or find much difficult. I think my playmates are really playing an important role to make my life and time comfortable and interesting.

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