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Essay on Journey by A Night Coach

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[Hints: Occasion the night coach availed; Description of the journey; Troubles if any; Conclusion.]

Occasion: I had a journey by a night coach a few days ago. It was in connection with the marriage ceremony of a relation of mine. The house of the bride is at Rajshahi. I with a few friends of mine got into the coach at about midnight. I had seat with the bride-groom in front of the night coach.

The night coach availed: The name the night coach we availed was challenger. It was a big sized magnificent night coach with dignified color jerking made me feel sleepy. I spread my body against the leaning easy chair and snored to sleep within a few minutes.

Description of the journey: Our coach ran at a breakneck speed all the night. I could sometimes see the dazzling flashes of the head lights of the coach. At about day- break it stopped near a bazar. It halted there for about half an hour. Then it began its journey. I rose from sleep and looked outside through the window of the coach. It was the month of Chaitra. The sun began to rise. Dry and fallen leaves of trees were being powdered under the wheels. Villagers appeared to have risen from sleep just now. Village women were going to river with pitcher in their laps. An old man was found smoking hubble-bubble and giving out volume of smoke sitting in the yard of a house. There were busts of life all around. Small houses and huts were found standing by the side of life all around. Small houses and huts were found standing by the side of meandering muddy paths of the roadside villages. The sun was up. Rays of the sun began to fall on earth through the gaps of the leaves of trees.

Troubles if any: The Coach ran and ran after midnight. Sometimes I woke up from sleep towards the end of the night. The situations all around seemed to be ghostly at intervals. Unknown fear of falling dacoits on us made my heart throb fast now and then. Sometimes sudden jerking of the coach and deafening roar of its horn disturbed my sleep during night. However, we reached Rajshahi at 2 p.m.

Conclusion: The incident of thie coach journey will remain ever fresh in my memory. It will never fade. All the sights and scenery which I enjoyed during the journey touched my heart very deeply.