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Paragraph on Ghosts

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Ghosts’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What are the ghosts?
  2. Who heard a sound near her?
  3. Why are some people afraid of the hills?
  4. Who handled the matter?
  5. Was it a ghost?

Answer: Ghosts are bogus creatures. They have no existence. They are the only enigma of our mind. Once Laila rested for an hour on the veranda and saw the other village houses and many trees. Soon it was night in the hills. After having supper Laila went to sleep. At midnight she woke up suddenly and heard a sound near her. But she could not see anything. She remembered that she was up in the hills. Some people are afraid of the hills because of the ghosts. Laila heard the sound again. She was puzzled whether it was a ghost or not. She got frightened and began to cry. When her aunt handled the matter, she assured Laila that it was only an owl, not a ghost. So the ghosts are an imaginary creature.