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Dialogue About the Price Hike of Essential Commodities

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Question: Write a dialogue between a reporter and the trade and commerce Minister about the price hike of essential commodities.


Reporter: Good morning, sir. I have come from “the Daily Star”.  Would you spare a few minutes?

Minister: Sure. What can I do for you?

Reporter: I want to discuss with you the recent price hike. The price of essential commodities is increasing by leaps and bounds. As a result, the suffering of the people of low awareness of the suffering of the people.

Minister: You are right. We are also aware of the suffering of the people.

Reporter: Would you please tell me the reason for the price hike?

Minister: There are many reasons. But the most important is the dishonesty of some unscrupulous businessmen. Shortage of food supply due to low production also accelerates the price hike.

Reporter: Have you any necessary measures?

Minister: Yes. We are controlling it very strictly. Some dishonest businessmen have already been arrested and brought under judgment. The government has set up fair-price shops in different places in the country. Moreover, we are going to import a huge quantity of food grains.

Reporter: Do you think you‘ll be able to reduce the price hike?

Minister: I believe within fifteen days everything will be normal.

Reporter: Thank you very much.

Minister: Welcome.

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