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Paragraph on May Day Or, International Workers’ Day

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Question: Write a paragraph on May Day or International Worker’s Day. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. When is May Day or International Workers Day observed?
  2. In which city did the historical event of May take place?
  3. Why did the workers of McCormick Harvester Company go on a strike?
  4. Who took part in the rally?
  5. What is the spirit of May Day?

Answer: May Day or International Workers’ Day is observed on May 1 all over the world. The day is observed to remember the struggle and historical sacrifice of the working people. It is a public holiday in almost all the countries of the world. The historical event of the day is related to a tragic incident in America’s Chicago city. On May 1 s’ in 1886 half of the workers at the McCormick Harvester Company in Chicago went on strike demanding an eight-hour workday. Two days later, a workers’ rally was held near the McCormick Harvester Company and many workers had joined it. Suddenly about 200 policemen attacked them with clubs and revolvers. One striker was killed instantly, five or six others were seriously wounded and many of them were badly injured. The events of May 1, 1886, remind us that workers are also human beings and they have also family life. The spirit of the day is to provide working people with better working conditions and better pay so that they can live happily.

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