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Paragraph on May Day

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Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘May Day’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is May Day?
  2. What is the significance of May Day?
  3. What happened on this day?
  4. What is this day celebrated?
  5. What’s your impression on this day?

Answer: The first day of the month of May is May Day. It is International ‘Worker’s Day which commemorates the historic struggle of working people throughout the world. On May 1, 1886, police fired into the crowd of strikers at the McCormick Harvest Machine Company, Chicago. At least one was killed and 5 or 6 were deadly wounded at that incident. All the privileges workers enjoy tody such as a minimum wage, safety laws and eight hours working day comes about to the sacrifice of the workers in 1886. So the events of May Day 1886 are a reminder that workers will have to be exploited until they stand up and speak out to gain better working conditions, better pay and better lives.

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