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Essay on International Mother Language Day

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[Hints: Introduction, History of language, The happenings on 21 February, World acceptation. Conclusion.)

The history of Bangalees is not as simple as other language-speaking nations. We have crossed a lot of ups and downs to achieve state language as mother tongue. Though our history is not straightforward as it has got a lot of turning points for achieving every successful gain; such glorious gain and achievement is the 21, February as the International Mother Language day declared by UNESCO decision on 17 November 1999. This declaration has got two most significant aspects i, e : (a) There are more than four thousand languages in this world and has been accepted by the UNESCO decision and (b) Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat and Shafiq and more nameless who laid their lives to establish mother language have been honored and valued. INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY

There was a conspiracy from the British to the Pakistan period against Bangla. In 1947, the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh University Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed said, “Urdu may be the state language of Pakistan as Hindi is going to be the state language of India.” Instantly Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah reacted and wrote in a daily article that if Bangla should be declared as state language as it is the communicative means of majority people and Urdu may be declared as the second language of the state. After the birth of Pakistan. only after three months, the education minister propose Urdu as the state language. There was a great reaction and revolt in East Pakistan by university students on 6th December 1947.

The Bangla language never utter anything against anybody but only demanded its right and legal place. The then prime minister of Pakistan Liakot Ali Khan reacted seriously against Bangla and the then Bangalee Muslim parliament member Khaja Najim Uddin also took the part of Urdu. Therefore, the continuous strike was observed from 11 March to 15 March in 1948 by the people of East Pakistan and its result was the surrender of Khaja Najim Uddin to the leading students of East Pakistan. Mohammad All Jinnah declared on 21 March in 1948 that Urdu shall be the only state language in Pakistan_ Again on 20th February in 1952, Nazim Uddin proclaimed that Urdu will be the state language, the consequences of this declaration were devastating and dangerous. The: 7: and intelligent mass of East Pakistan students, teachers, and all organized people t a –e-d and united under an umbrella for establishing Bangla as the state language. On 2 1 February. 1952, it took the real shape to get the final recognition for paving impossible to possible.

This very day is able for its great history. There was a curfew and 144 rules all over Dhaka but independents of Dhaka University never backed. They crossed the 144 rule and afterward the present Shaheed Minar, where police fire against the procession and stained the streets of Dhaka by Rafiq, Jabbar, Barkat, Salam, and Shafiq. They sacrificed their valuable lives for the mother tongue and it was established only for great and valued sacrifices. From the language movement, the Bangalee nation got the inspiration. intuition and augmentation speed towards independence.

On 12 November 1994. there was a 30th general meeting in UNESCO where a proposal was proposed for establishing 21 Feb. as International Mother Language Day and it was accepted by all. Now in every year, this day will be observed as International Mother Language Day.

We have achieved 21 February as an International Mother Language day by all accepted recommendations of 188 countries of UNESCO. It is one of the extraordinary.

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