Paragraph on A Sunset Scene

Question: Describe a sunset scene.

Start like this: It is really very charming The sun goes down……… It looks like……….

A Sunset Scene

Answer: It is really very charming to enjoy a sunset scene in a cloudless sky in Bangladesh. It marks the end of the day. The sun goes down and sheds its mild rays from the western sky. It looks like a dish of gold. We find a brilliant show of colors in the western sky. Seven colors make the western sky look charming. The whole earth and the sky seem to be painted with colors. The golden rays of the setting sun fall on the water of ponds, rivers, on top of trees. The western horizon appears exquisitely beautiful. The sky is then covered with the red glow of the setting sun and all the objects of nature put on an alarming appearance. The ripples of the rivers look purple in the red glow of the departing sun. Gradually the sun sinks down below the horizon and the red tinge of the sky begins to fade away. Darkness then covers the whole earth. The cowboys return home with their cattle. Birds are seen flying back to their nests. Nothing but a few stars are seen in the western sky. A sunset scene is really enjoyable.

Paragraph on The Sunset Scene

Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘The Sunset Scene’ by answering the following questions.

  1. When is it sunset?
  2. How is the western sky?
  3. How is the scene on the river?
  4. What do the cowherds do them?
  5. What do the birds do them?

Answer: When the day is over, it is sunset. At that time the night begins. It is not completely dark. The sun sinks down the horizon and its reddish glow still lingers. It makes the western sky look reddish and beautiful. The sunset scene on a river is very charming. Darkness then begins more over the world. The cowherds return home with cattle. The birds are found flying back to their nests.

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