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Email of Sympathy to Your Ailing Friend in The Hospital

Question: Suppose, your friend Ratan has become seriously ill and he has been hospitalized. Your examination is very near. So, it is not possible for you to visit him in the hospital. Now, write an e-mail of sympathy to your ailing friend in the hospital.

Bcc: example[at]

Subject: My sympathy for your illness

My dear Ratan,
Take my cordial love. I just came to know about your illness and that you have been hospitalized. I am very sorry for not being able to go and see you in the hospital as my examination is very near. But remember that you are always in my prayer. Please don’t be worried and don’t lose your heart. You will get well very soon. My parents have also wished for your quick recovery. I will meet you once after finishing my examination. Well wishes for you and best regards to your parents.

Yours ever,
Masud Khan

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