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Email to Your Pen-Friend Describing Him About Bangladesh

Question: Suppose, you have a pen-friend in Nepal. His name is Girish. You are Arif. Your pen-friend wants to know about the people, their habits and culture and the important places in your country. Now, write an e-mail to your pen-friend describing all these things.


Subject: About Bangladesh

My dear Girish,
I received your e-mail yesterday. You have wanted to know about the people. their habits and culture and the important places in our country. Thanks for this kind of curiosity.

Bangladesh is a small but nice country. She has too many people for her land. About 80 percent of people live in the villages. Most of the people are Muslims. There are also Hindu, Buddhist and Christian communities in our country. We also have Tribal people who have their own language and culture. The hospitality of our people is world famous. Here the people entertain their guests heartily. Rice and fish is our main food. Sweets have occupied a great position in our culture. We entertain other people with sweets when we have good news. We have our own dress. Males wear lungi and women wear a sari. People observe various kinds of festivals gorgeously almost all the year round. Pahela Baishakh is the biggest celebration in which all the people join. Bangladesh is known as the darling child of nature. It is a country of scenic beauty. The Sundarbans, the forests of hilly districts, the tea gardens of Sylhet and Cox’s Bazar sea beach etc. are the important tourist attractions of Bangladesh.

No more today. Please don’t forget to write about your own country in your reply mail.
Yours ever,

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