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Essay on What Difficulties Are You Facing in Choosing A Career?

Soon I will be joining the hundreds of school leavers entering the world of the adults. Childhood seems to have lasted such a short time and I wish that it could last longer, but it cannot be.

The next phase of my life will require that I choose a career, or at least some kind of employment so that I can become a useful member of society. This presents some difficulties.

I am not inclined towards any career in particular. Some of my friends know exactly what they want to do in the future, but most of us do not. I actually have no idea what sort of job I would like to do. Any job seems all right to me. However, I have to consider my parents and I try not to displease them.

It is their wish that I become a doctor or a lawyer at the least. I suppose those are the dreams of most parents. A doctor or lawyer is highly respected and makes lots of money. So, they are the aspirations of many young people. I have to be realistic though I cannot become a doctor because I am not in the science class. So, becoming a doctor is out of the question. I could study to become a lawyer, but I have absolutely no interest in law. So, becoming a lawyer seems remote too.

What else could I do? I have to list the possibilities down: teacher, banker, businessman, soldier, policeman, politician, artist, writer, journalist, sailor, interior decorator, farmer, race-driver — the list seems endless. Unfortunately, the hippies seem to have faded from the scene. It would be an experience if I could join them for a year or two. That would make my father’s blood pressure shoot up for sure. Come to think of it, my father grew up during the time when the hippies were a rage, so he might not mind.

Anyway, hippies and bumming around are definitely not suitable. I have to earn some money in order to live.

If I narrow down the list I find that the greatest possibilities lie in journalism, writing, or being a commercial artist. These three things are what I would not mind doing for a living. The other professions contain too many things I do not like. So unless. I have no choice I probably would not do them.

To become a writer or an artist means that I will have to take up a course for these things. I will have to start finding out what sort of courses are available locally. I definitely cannot go overseas to do them. My parents will not be able to afford it. So immediately after leaving school I will have to make efforts to see whether these possibilities can be realized. If not then I will have to look for other possibilities.

Anyhow, I feel better now after having some idea of what I can do in the future. It is still not definite what career I will take up. At least I know where to begin.