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Essay on How I Have Been Helped or Hindered by Relatives and Friends in Preparing for The Exams

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I have not been very attentive toward my studies for the first half of the year. As a result, I obtain poor passes in all the subjects. My teachers and parents advise me to double my efforts so as to achieve better marks in the coming Trial Examinations. Somehow, I am inclined to take things easy.

It is only a month before the Trial Examinations that I begin to take stock of the situation. I realize that I have failed my teachers and parents miserably by my poor performance. Most of all I have failed myself. My future is at stake! Many a golden time have I allowed to waste away in idleness and fooling around; I know that if I continue to adopt this lackadaisical attitude I am doomed to more failure. I have a short time left to catch up on my studies. My mind is made up! I must not let down my teachers and parents. So I decided to turn to my relatives and friends for advice.

Some of my relatives tell me to devote more time to the subjects I am weak in. For example, I am poor in mathematics, so I must try to allot a portion of my time daily to practice the exercises in the textbook, for it is constant and systematic work that makes one improve. As regards geography and history, I must memorize as many facts and important dates as possible. In this way, they say, I will have the knowledge at the tips of my fingers. Furthermore, they tell me to consult the examination guide-books which are available in bookshops and study how the questions are dealt with.

They also warn me not to overwork myself. As the saying goes All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I ought to divide my time wisely so that I have sufficient time for study, for play, for food, and for sleep. if I do all these, then I should be able to pass my examinations with “flying colors”. Above all, they tell me not to be nervous and become a victim of “examination fever”. These are ailments of those who do not prepare for their subjects well.

On the other hand, some of my friends tell me to take things easy. If you don’t want to study, why bother? They say, let fate decide what the future holds for you.

These friends do not make any effort to improve their studies. They merely go through the motion of studying when the teacher asks them to do so. There is no commitment or enthusiasm in their work. Maybe they have resigned themselves to eventual failure. I realize that I have been behaving like them but I am determined now not to let the situation worsen. I will not allow myself to be overcome by hopelessness or complacency.

By weighing the advice given to me by my relatives and friends, I am able to come to the conclusion that only hard work from now on will do me any good. I know a better future awaits those who possess good examination grades, and I intend to be one of these people. In a way, getting good results would be a sort of repayment to my parents and teachers for all the dedication and care they have given me.

Thus “The will to succeed” has become my motto and by following it I know that success will come my way.

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